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Title Da Torino a Torino
Author Franco Berlanda
Abstract This paper attempts to focus on (from a critical perspective of the government of the city from the Forties to present day) the customary lack of capability of public local administrations to consider the future of the city and to generate a strategic plan in order to improve it. Public system has been juxtaposition in terms of considering outside suggestions in order to make extensive improvements coming from planners and students, about a more comprehensive structural process improvement in general terms. In light of the changes in Turin, as a result of the Olympic games of last year have been viewed as a temporary solution for the improvement of the city. Once again, transformation involving presently the city of Turin runs the risk of being only a program, unable not only to have effects on the urban and territorial space, but either to arrange the innovation the Olympic Games requested. This disjointed plan is most likely going to have a negative effect on the physical and social structure of the city itself.
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