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Title La città raccontata: descrizioni di Torino oltre l’urbanistica
Author Maria Rita Gisotti
Abstract Literature gives very often visions of the city that are usually typical of common sense and of collective imagination. So, if we look at literature we can sometimes better understand those territories unexplored or not enough explored by scientific research. In the case of Turin, we can find two texts showing two different interpretations of the city, concerned with different places and aesthetics, suggesting an interesting analogy between the city structure and the narrative text: on the one hand we have the Giuseppe Culicchia description of Turin, where we see a compact, cohesive urban texture, with all elements held together by the public places system; on the other hand we have the Dario Voltolini view, depicting a city made up of fragments whose global result is an actual urban sprawl.
- Culicchia, G., Torino è casa mia, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2005.
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- Voltolini, D., I confini di Torino, Roma, Quiritta, 2003.

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