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Title Abitare l’utopia oggi: la città digitale. Saragozza: il miglio digitale
Author Antonella Radicchi
At first sight, the city of Zaragoza, one of the most ancient cities in Spain, would seem like the most unlikely place to conduct an experiment using digital technologies.
Instead, the recent arrival of the high speed train has made possible the development of a technologically innovative project that is bringing the city into the Information Age.
Known as the Milla Digital, the project aims to add digital technology to the everyday activities that take place in public spaces, making those spaces capable of giving information and providing meaningful experiences for everyone who would like to live and learn in Zaragoza. What the project is going to accomplish is the creation of a new kind of space that is both public and private, called “Open-Source City”. The hope is that this project will create an interactive relationship between the static form of the city and the vibrant desires of the citizens triggering a revolutionary process.
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