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Title Attraversamenti
Author Stefano Carmannini
The Vinci municipal territory lies between the course of the Arno and the Montalbano. It consists of a densely urbanized, flat area; a transitional, mainly agricultural area; and a hilly and highland area of remarkable landscape value. Projects developed in the workshop have confronted the reestablishment of territorial constitutive relationships in the North-South direction, on both urban and territorial scales.Spicchio and Sovigliana are a unique small core with the typical problems of the villages with weak identity.
The choice of working on the routes makes possible to create a network between the public spaces and the most importants buildings, existing and on project. These routes, perpendicular to the existing structure in the east-west direction, can generate a mesh of renewal and new pedestrian ways on the entire core, from the Arno river to the hills, using essentially the urban interstice and through the emerging nodes.
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