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Title Beyond Johnny. un osservatorio per il giardino botanico di Auroville, India, marzo 2007
Author Elena Barthel
Diploma 9, from the Architectural Association of London, was invited to finance and build a watch tower for the Botanical Garden of the international city of Auroville, on the east coast of southern India. Since 1968, groups of people from all around the world, have been building the experimental township. Today the latest challenge is to transfer all the innovation onto an urban scale to create a sustainable development able to answer the global challenge of the new century.
- Auroville Foundation, Auroville Architecture, Towards new forms of a new consciousness, Auroville, Prisma, 2003.
- Auroville Foundation, Auroville Universal Townschip, Masterplan, Perspective 2025, Auroville, Auroville Press, 2002.
- Frédérich, L., L’India mistica e leggendaria, Vicenza, Neri Pozza Tascabili, 2003.
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