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Title Mass transfer in medium density fiberboard (MDF) modified by Na montmorillonite (Na MMT) nanoclay.
Author Reza Zahedsheijani, Hadi Gholamiyan, Asghar Tarmian, Hossein Yousef
Abstract The potential use of nanoclay was examined to modify fluid transfer properties of medium density fiberboard (MDF). For this, Na montmorillonite (Na MMT) nanoclay was added to urea formaldehyde resin to produce MDF. Then, the air permeability and mass diffusivity of MDF were evaluated. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images and X-ray diffraction (XRD) confirmed a dispersion and exfoliation of Na MMT in the modified MDF. The air permeability presented a systematic decrease with increasing nanoclay amount. This reduction agreed with the simple ‘‘tortuous path’’ model. The nanoclay had no effect on the mass diffusivity.
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Keywords Air permeability; mass diffusivity; medium density fiberboard; MDF; Na MMT nanoclay
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