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Volume 10
Issue 1
Online publication date 2012-03-22
Title Some peculiarities of hemodynamic indices in pregnant women with rheumatic heart disease during childbirth
Author Tashpulat Abdukarimov
Abstract During childbirth some pronounced hemodynamic displacements take place increasing together with the aggravation of uterine contractions, in such a way leading to the increased heart loading. We carried out the comparative investigation of hemodynamic indices in women with rheumatic heart disease depending on their bodies’ posture during labor. The obtained results testify the facts of decreasing of venous blood relapse during every birth pang in women in childbirth with heart valvular disease in supine posture during labor, and that impedes the providing of necessary extension of cardiac output and, correspondingly, adequate blood supply of uterus and oxygenation of foetus.
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Keywords Pregnancy, labor, rheumatic heart disease, anemia, treatment
Pages 16-18
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