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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-07-27
Title Operative access to kidney without damage of lumbar and intercostal muscles, vessels and nerves
Author Anatoliy Zalewsky, Nikolay Gorbunov, Julia Shekhovcova, Andrey Russkih, Anna Shabokha, Olga Petukhova
The purpose of the study is a search of operative access to the kidney with less surgical trauma and associated complications. Specific research tasks included experiment on the dead bodies of people to develop operative access to the kidney without the transversal section of muscles and damage of intercostal and lumbar vessels and nerves. The research also studied the parameters of access using the Sozon-Yaroshevich method (1954) to estimate his appropriateness in surgical practice.
Operative access to the kidney with the longitudinal section of latissimus dorsi muscle and the XII rib is anatomically justified and possesses parameters which are sufficient for the successful conducting of operations on a kidney and upper departments of the urine excretion system. The suggested operative access to the kidney eliminates the damage of intercostal and lumbar muscles, vessels and nerves. Application of this operative access method to the kidney in treatment of urology patients decreases time of their treatment and eliminates relaxation of abdominal muscles and development of postoperative lumbar hernia.

Agrawal, M., Singh, S., Singh, H., 2009. “Management of multiple/staghornkidney stones: Open surgery versus PCNL (with or without ESWL),” Indian J., Vol.25(2), pp.284-85

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Keywords Urology, the operative access to the kidney.
Pages 56-59
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