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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-07-27
Title Lymphocytes’ population profile of women with infringement of reproductive function and persistent infections
Author Nagima Mamedaliyeva, Almagul Kurmanova, Ludmila Dzoz

164 women with inflammatory diseases of genitals were observed to study lymphocytes’ sub/population profile in peripheral blood in the background of persistent viral and bacterial infections depending on reproductive function condition. In patients with non-infringement reproductive function there were not expressed changes of lymphocytes’ population profile and activity CD25 lymphocytes increase was marked. In the women with pregnancy losses in anamnesis with a various degree of infringement the picture of differently directed changes of lymphocytes’ populations profile was observed. Infertile women had expressed depression of T-cellular link with decrease in the general maintenance of both T-cells and T-helpers; as well as increase of active lymphocytes with expressed apoptosis.
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Keywords Lymphocytes’ populations profile, reproductive system, persistent infections.
Pages 20-24
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