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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-07-27
Title Comprehensive study of the endometrium of women with reproductive disorders, and chronic endometritis
Author Nagima Mamedaliyeva, Saule Issenova
Abstract Our comprehensive study of the endometrium (hysteroscopic, morphological, and immunological research of genital infections) of patients with reproductive disorders has revealed a high frequency (73.8%) of hyperplastic processes of endometrium (endometrial hyperplasia, polyps), also in the most cases (73 8%) - infection of the endometrium with a predominance of microbial associations (78.6%) and mycoplasma infections (33.2%).
Adamyan, L., Kulakov, V., 1997, Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the uterus [Giteroscopiya v diagnosah i lechenii matochnyh zabolevanii], in Russian, Moscow: Medicine

Donders, G., Van Bulek, B., Caudron, J. et al., 2000, “Relationship of bacterial vaginosis and mycoplasmas to the risk of spontaneous abortions,” Vol.183(2), pp.431-37

Vikhlyaeva, E., 2002, “Guide on the endocrine gynecology”[Rukovodstvo po endokrinnoi ginekologii,” in Russian, Moscow: Medical News Agency

Keywords Hysteroscopy, endometrial, mycoplasma infection.
Pages 31-33
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