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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-07-27
Title Immune status parameters significance in pregnancy interruption on type of missed abortion in first trimester
Author Nagima Mamedaliyeva, Alija Aimbetova
The paper explores the system immunity role of the first trimester missed abortion using the study of maintenance in populations and subpopulations of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood.
Immune system disorders might cause self-regulation failure and immune response change. Recognition and removal of these disorders allow successful performing of implantation and increasing the probability for the pregnancy carriage. Survey of certain systemic immunity indicators dynamics and their contribution into the missed abortion progression, as well as development of early forecasting methods and prevention of such pregnancy complication aimed to reduce tissue-destroying responses towards a growing embryo and immunologic reactivity defects regeneration are of scientific and practical interest.

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Keywords Missed abortion, immune status, subpopulation of lymphocytes, pregnancy.
Pages 25-30
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