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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-07-27
Title Clinical characteristics and differential diagnosis of retinoblastoma
Author Fazilat Bahriddinova, Ziyavuddin Islamov
Abstract The purpose of our work was to analyze the clinical presentation of patients with retinoblastoma who were admitted to ocular oncology department on different stages of the neoplastic process. There were hospitalized 369 children with diagnosis of retinoblastoma to ocular oncology department of National Oncology Center of   between 2001 and 2011, on age from 1 month to 11 years. We have analyzed the case reports and outpatient clinical records of these patients. Taking into account the variability of clinical presentation the early case finding, examination and adequate treatment of patients with retinoblastoma is a pressing challenge. That is why it has to be performed in big centers with available modern equipment and qualified specialists, who can adequately interpret the examination results and timely perform the necessary treatment. 
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Keywords Malignant tumor of eye, retinoblastoma, leukocoria, frequency
Pages 2-6
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