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Volume 12
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-07-27
Title Present-day aspects of public health in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Author Zhanat Totanov, Maria Omarova, Larissa Cherepanova, Lyazat Orakbay, Zhamillya Nugmanova
Abstract A model of integration of sanitary-epidemiological services, organizations of primary health care (PHC), medical and social services and nongovernmental organizations in the sphere of public health was developed. Its introduction in a pilot region produced positive results in rendering preventive medical services to the public, which are evidenced by the results of a sociological questionnaire survey of the patients and health care providers. The level of medical and social case work with vulnerable social groups of the population increased. The amount of dispensary patients, visiting topical health promoting schools raised from 30.6% to 58.9%, which resulted in reducing the ambulance call-out frequency during the working hours of medical preventive institutions by 2.5 times (from 0.33 to 0.13; p <0.5). The system of infection control was introduced. Epidemiologist's actions enabled arrangement of continuity in epidemiological observation between territorial institutions of PHC and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance.
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Keywords Public health, reform, integration, model
Pages 78-84
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