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Volume 13
Issue 4
Online publication date 2012-12-15
Title Acute intestine infection and hepatitis: A disease risk analysis in urbanized areas of Kazakhstan
Author Maria Omarova, Lyazat Orakbay, Idelbay Shuratov, Aizhan Dzhumagalieva, Esmuchan Zharkinov, Asya Kenzhebaeva, Aleksandr Tyan
Abstract The paper presents the review of acute intestine infection and hepatitis A disease analysis for  urbanized population in selected regions of Kazakhstan. For the study, five different provinces of the country were chosen, varying by the nature of the economic and socio-economic characteristics. Based on the obtained results, we see the incidence of AII as a conditioned by the combined environmental and socio-economic factors. In this regard, the incidence of AII in urbanized territories can serve as  nosology  for studying influence of this factors.
Alzhanova, K., Iskakova, G., Omarova, K. et. al., 2007. “Condition of acute intestine infection diseases and hepatitis А in Aktyubinsk area,” [Sostoyanie zabolevaemosti ostrymi kishechnymy infektciyami i gepatitom A v Aktyubinskoy oblasti], in Russian, Materials III-congress of doctors and pharmacists in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Vol.3, pp.11-15

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Pokrovskiy, V. (Ed.), 1986. Epidemic process, as social - ecological system, [Epidemicheskii process, kak socialno-ekologicheskaya sistema], in Russian, Moscow

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Keywords Disease, acute intestine infections (AII), hepatitis А, urbanized regions
Pages 33-40
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