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Volume 13
Issue 4
Online publication date 2012-12-15
Title Comparative evaluation of the economic costs in patients underwent endoscopic surgery on nephrolithiasis in dependence on presence or absence of surgical complications
Author Farhod Akilov, Shukhrat Giyasov, Shukhrat Mukhtarov, Furkat Nasirov
Main aim of our study was to evaluate economic costs associated with the elimination of complications of endoscopic treatment of nephrolithiasis. 
We retrospectively analyzed medical reports of the 1027 patients (597 men - 58.1% and 430 women - 41.9%),  at age (mean±SD) 38.9±15.6. There were 22 (2.1%) intraoperative complications observed in 14 (1.4%) patients. These patients got into amount of 180 (17.5%) patients developed 235 complications in the postoperative period. Fifty nine additional interventions were required for the elimination of observed complications. Postoperative hospital stay among 180 patients was 7.02±0.42 days, compared to 4.31±0.07 days in 847 patients without complications (p<0.05), duration of kidney draining 7.07±0.91 and 2.43±0.10 correspondingly (p<0.01).
Complications occurred during postoperative period in patients who underwent endoscopic surgery for nephrolithiasis prolong hospital stay up to 56%, and increases the cost of treatment up to 25%. The study of prevention of infectious and inflammatory complications, as well as other intra- and postoperative complications evidently will lead to reduction the costs of endoscopic methods of nephrolithiasis treatment.

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Keywords Urolithiasis, endoscopic interventions, complications, cost
Pages 69-73
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