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Volume 13
Issue 4
Online publication date 2012-12-15
Title Methods of septum surgery (septoplasty) with cresto- and suturotomy
Author Gulimbay Babakhanov, Saidakram Khasanov, Sunnat Makhsudov, Maqsad Bobokhonov, Anvar Almamatov
High frequency of a combination of such symptoms as a curvature of a nose septum (NSC) dento-maxillary anomalies (DMA), high standing of the palatum, reduction of the horizontal and vertical sizes of a cavity of a nose are united and named as Khasanov rhinomaxillary (orthodontic rhinological) symptom complex. The operative intervention - septum surgery with crestosuturotomy is prescribed to patients with Khasanov symptom complex. The musculomucosal graft is detached, a cartilage is separated from the bottom of a nasal cavity and moved in the opposite side. Thus the nasal crest of a palatal shoot of the top jaw becomes visible and it is removed with a grooved chisel (crestotomy). Suturotomy is made to sutura palatina mediana of the bony palate which is from 2- to 5-mm deep and up to 3-4-mm wide in the form of a trihedral trench. 
Our experience shows that, patients with Khasanov symptom complex after surgical correction of the nasal septum and osteotomy of the nasal crest of a palatal shoot of the top jaw, the orthodontic disclosing of a palatal stitch occurs several times faster, anomaly relapses of dento-maxillary systems decrease.

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Keywords Septum operation, septoplasty, nasopharyngeal obstruction, rhinopharyngite maxillodental malformations, maxillofacial anomalies, dentofacial complex, septum nasal submucosa resection, crestotomy, suturotomy, dento-maxillary system
Pages 74-79
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