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Volume 14
Issue 1
Online publication date 2013-04-25
Title Working activity hygiene, central nervous system and attention function parameters of the working females at knitting enterprises of Uzbekistan
Author Aziz Iskandarov
Abstract Last years in Uzbekistan the knitted manufactures have developed intensively, supplied with the new equipment and modern technologies which result in change of working conditions at the knitted-goods enterprises, in increase of intensity, strained nervous-emotional state and intellectuality of working processes. The purpose was to reveal influence of working conditions of the working women of knitted manufactures on dynamics of working activity, on the central nervous system and functions of attention. The healthy working women of the Tashkent knitted manufactures making a knitted cloth and wears (knitters, seamstresses, ironers) at the age from 20 till 40 years with the operational experience from 2 till 20 years were enrolled in this study. It was established that of all unfavourable factors that effect on the reduction of the working activity the air dust contamination accounts for 13.6%, noise 13.6% and light exposure of workplace 32.4%. For decrease of a functional strain of the central nervous system and function of attention of the working women it is necessary to introduce the rational mode of work and rest as well as measures for improvement of working conditions.
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Keywords Knitting enterprises, women, working conditions, working activity, dynamics of functional state of the central nervous system, function of attention, higher air temperature
Pages 29-34
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