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Volume 14
Issue 1
Online publication date 2013-04-25
Title Effectiveness of xenotransplantation of human fetal hepatocytes in spleen of rats with acute liver failure induced by CCL4
Author Abdukhakim Khadjibaev, Maisa Urazmetova, Aybek Madaminov, Ravshan Mavlyan-Hodjaev, Raisa Ahmedova, Feruza Yusupova
Abstract Human’s fetal hepatocytes (HFH) were intrasplenic transplanted white non-pedigree rats with acute  liver failure (ALF) challenged by single per oral administration of hepatotropic toxin diluted in oil ССl4 at a dose 10 ml/kg (volumetric correlation 1:1) (10 mL/kg body weight as a 1:1 mixture of CCl4 and mineral oil). Transplantation had positive effect on all biochemical blood parameters of the studying animals. Morphologic study showed that reparative-restorative processes were arising in hepatic parenchyma after administration of HFH into splenic pulp of rats with model of ALF on days 14-21. Substantial and main factor in restoration of parenchyma was restoration of micro topographic interrelations in acinus as well as polyploidy of hepatic cells expressed in increase of hepatocytes’ nuclei sizes and hypertrophy of cells themselves. It is an indirect confirmation of engraftment of HFH in liver of rats with model of ALF.
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Keywords Human’s fetal hepatocytes, acute liver failure, carbon tetrachloride poisoning, intrasplenic transplantation hepatocytes, morphology
Pages 52-60
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