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Volume 14
Issue 2
Online publication date 2013-04-25
Title Anti-inflammatory activity of garlic oil extract
Author Nemat Olimov, Abror Muhitdinov, Sobir Aminov, Xabibullo Aliyev
Abstract The article describes anti-inflammatory activity of garlic oil, caused by formalin and histamine in animals. Pharmacological tests have found out that garlic oil has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is as effective as indomethacin. It can be used as anti-inflammatory agent of plant origin.
Aliyev, X., Aminov, S., Olimov, N., 2003. “Effect of garlic powder on the cardio-vascular system, Chemistry and Pharmacy [Kimyo va farmatsiya], in Uzbek, No.3, pp.48-50

Romashov, M., 2004. The healing power of nature. Treatment with garlic [Celitelnye sily prirody. Lechenie chesnokom], in Russian, Moscow: Veche

Shostak, N., Ryabkova, A., 2003. “Gastrointestinal bleeding as a complication of gastropathy associated with NSAID,”  Therapeutic Archives [Terapevticheskiy arhiv], in Russian, No.5, pp.70-73

Keywords Garlic, garlic oil, inflammation caused by formalin, inflammation caused by histamine
Pages 84-86
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