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Volume 14
Issue 2
Online publication date 2013-04-25
Title Assessment of activity of matrix metalloproteases 2 and 9 in their interconnection with the level of magnesium ions in the blood of patients with congenital prolapsed of mitral valve
Author Gulandom Shodikulova
Abstract The paper carries out comparative analysis of metalloproteases (MMP) 2 and 9, TIMP expression indexes and their interconnection with Mg2 ions, glycosaminоglycans (GAG) and glucuronidase activity in the blood of patients with congenital PMV. 86 persons, of them 36 (41.9%) males and 50 (58.1%) females aged 15-25 (19.9±1.42) years, with etiological signs of primary (idiopathic, congenital) prolapsed of mitral valve (PMV), have been studied. The patients with PMV and regurgitation of I-II degree showed decreased level of Mg2 ions that was simultaneously associated with disturbance of collagen forming processes, increased synthesis of atypical low-molecular GAG, that passed into the blood stream. 
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Keywords Prolapse of mitral valve, metalloproteases, inhibitors of metalloproteases magnesium, Mg2 ions
Pages 87-90
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