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Volume 14
Issue 3
Online publication date 2013-11-14
Title Morphological evaluation of the results of using the osteoplastic material and the shell of the umbilical cord in the experiment
Author Feruza Fayzullaeva, Bahodir Magrupov, Abdubori Jilonov
There is a large variety of different resorbable and non-resorbable membranes. Use of softer materials is found more expedient as it  is well adapted to the shape of the defect. Experimental studies were performed in 20 rabbits. There were created 3 defects on the lower jaw of rabbit. The first defect was left open, the second one - filled with granules of osteoplastic material “CollapAn-L”, the third one - with “Collapan-L” followed by covering with flap of umbilical cord membrane taken from fetal rabbit. The animals were taken from the experiment in 1 and 3 months. Use of “CollapAn-L and umbilical cord flap caused (comparing to the first and second groups of animals) formation of thick bone trabeculae in intermediate  callus by the 1st and 3rd months after the operation.  The newly formed bone was formed directly on the surface of the “CollapAn-L”. Interlayer of connective tissue between the bone trabeculae and implanted material were not revealed. 
The use of “CollapAn-L” and the umbilical cord as a membrane is very effective due to strengthening of osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties of the osteoplastic material “CollapAn-L”. Accessibility and low cost of raw materials, ease of logging technology allow wide use of the umbilical cord flap it in clinical practice.

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Keywords Osteoplastic material “CollapAn-L”, shell of umbilical cord, membrane
Pages 135-139
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