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Volume 15
Issue 3
Title The brain damage in fetal alcohol syndrome (experimental and pathological study)
Author Zhanna Malakhova, Alexey Efremov
The research compares clinical and experimental studies of the effects of antenatal alcohol exposure on the central nervous system development. The experimental model, involving Vistar rats, was used to analyze the effects of one-month alcohol intake before and during pregnancy. To conduct light-optical analysis we used brain of one-month-old rat offsprings.

Pathological studies of brain in infants with fetal alcohol syndrome (three lethal cases) revealed focuses of tissue rarefaction and dystrophic degeneration in the neurons along with a decreased amount of basket cells in the cerebellum. Such findings are in agreement with morphological analyses of brain, conducted on experimental animals.  
Moreover, employing heterogeneous solid-phase immunoassays, in experimental animals during pregnancy we analyzed the level of the transforming growth factor ß1 (ТGF- ß1).


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Keywords Alcohol, fetal alcohol syndrome, growth factor
Pages 65-68
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