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Volume 15
Issue 4
Title Effect of hypothermia on trabecular bone remodeling
Author Denis Poshelok, Ninel Dedukh, Svetlana Malyshkina
The article presents the results of experimental studies of rats’ remodeling cancellous bone femur at condition of mild hypothermia. Morphological, morphometrical and transmission electron microscopic methods were used. In rats after hypothermia we were founded a decrease on the surface of bone trabeculae metabolically active osteoblasts and increased density of the "resting" osteoblasts. There was a high rate destruction of osteocytes. It was also revealed an increase on bone trabecular of resorption cavities, filled with osteoclasts. The study showed that the state of hypothermia can be regarded as a risk factor for osteopenia and osteoporosis.
Keywords Hypothermia, morphology, bone remodeling, experiment
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