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Volume 15
Issue 4
Title Doppler researches in diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitises in children
Author Flora Inoyatova, Gulnora Yusupaliyeva
The data of 150 children after ultrasound examination are given in the article. Those were clinical laboratory results that not always reflect the real pathologic picture of hepatic processes with the divergence of 14%-37%. Additional doppler test in the combination with echography is shown to enable not only increase in diagnosing effectiveness up to 35,3%, but also in having in idea of the condition of parenchyma and spleen, collateral dysfunction of blood circulations and marked portal hypertension. Similar direction of structural functional impairments of hepatic vessels was determined. Direct and indirect criteria in diagnosing of portal hypertensions were worked out.   
Keywords Chronic viral hepatitis, diagnostics, ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, children
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