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Volume 15
Issue 4
Title Lynphocytopenia at cancer therapy cannot be only side effect
Author Alexey Shoutko, Ludmila Ekimova
Non-selective cytotoxic therapy of cancer, acting harmfully for host, is effective nevertheless. Deep lymphocytopenia permitted officially for cytotoxic therapy, the extra risk of developing new malignancies after therapy, favorite dissemination of malignant cells through the lymph nodes, the obvious restriction of immunocytes activity inside tumor at modern anti-angiogenic treatment do not fit into existence of powerful antixenic host defense against spontaneous cancer. To understand the reasons of these discrepancies, development of a tumor and its microvessels, gradual exhaustion of hematopoietic stem cell number in blood and arising of a cancer cachexia, ratio of infectious morbidity and cancer mortality were discussed in their interrelation, using an experimental, clinical data and population statistics. It was concluded that mentioned above and other principal discrepancies would become regularities, if the cells renewing in both malignant and normal tissues were taken as a result of the recently discovered morphogenesis activity of circulating mononuclear cells, originated from the bone marrow and presented by tissue’s committed stem cells and some subsets of lymphocytes.
Keywords Cytotoxic therapy, cancer, side effects, hematopoietic stem cells, cytopenia, morphogenesis
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