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Volume 16
Issue 2
Online publication date 2015-07-27
Title Role of a body’s proteinase-inhibitory system at grippe
Author Valentina Divocha
Abstract A new theory of grippe pathogenesis with participation of proteinase-inhibitory system has been offered. It has been established that purification and concentration of grippe viruses by different methods did not release the virus from cellular enzymes. At the experimental animals infecting with the virus of grippe, disturbance of enzyme-inhibitory balance took place, especially during first hours after the animals being infected. From the lungs of healthy mice, they have got six isoforms of trypsin-like proteinases. To all of them they got antiproteinase immune sera and have treated the experimental animals. It was antiserum to the third isoform that has prevented the experimental animals fatality.

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Keywords Proteinase-inhibitory system, grippe, trypsin-like proteinase
Pages 16-25
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