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Volume 17
Issue 1
Online publication date 2016-07-15
Title Health impact of climate change in Bangladesh: A summary
Author Golam Enamul Hasib Chowdhury, Prita Chathoth
Abstract For the last decade the reforming of the national healthcare systems has covered the majority of the economic development in the developed countries and has turned into a process varying in intensity and scope. The health care system in Bulgaria started to be reformed because of the population’s worsened health status, the shortcomings of the health care system as well as the need for the adoption of the universal health model as a prerequisite for equal participation in the family of European nations. The reforms and the new requirements confronted by the healthcare have necessitated the application of new ways of organizing healthcare activities. A possible approach includes integrated care aimed at the optimization of the processes, the improvement of the resources utilization and efficiency enhancement as well as quality improvement of the provided medical care.
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Keywords Climate change, health impact, infectious disease
Pages 2-8
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