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Volume 17
Issue 1
Online publication date 2016-07-15
Title Development of a new antiviral medication for the grippe
Author Valentina Divocha
The grippe till now is a mass disease resulted in hospitalization of thousands of sick persons and high mortality rate. The objective of the work presented is to extract inhibitor of trypsin - like proteinases from the waste the first stage of the industrial process of gamma globulin preparation from donated human blood, and to study its protective properties at the flu under experiment. Derivation the pure inhibitor included the following stages: the enzyme excretion, ultrasonic disintegration of cells, ion-change chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, dialysis, lyophilic drying. The method described allows obtaining five isoforms with inhibitory activity. The greatest amount of trypsin-like proteinases was registered in the isoform of the 5th fraction. The 5th isoform with high inhibitory activity was used for the study of therapeutically properties and the experimental grippe A in white mice. The isoform mentioned showed a promoted protective effect.
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Keywords Inhibitors, proteinases, virus grippe, chromatography
Pages 9-15
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