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Volume 17
Issue 2
Online publication date 2016-12-19
Title Uzbekistan on the path from the struggle and the elimination of malaria to certification as a country free from malaria
Author Saidmurod Saidaliev
One of the significant problems for public health services of the countries which have achieved the interruption in the local transmission of infection on all the territory, is the maintenance of the successes achieved and creation of system of measures capable effectively to prevent recurrence of malaria, despite of its import from endemic territories. For this purpose there is required further strengthening of material base of the parasitological service, continuous training of personnel of  medical and preventive service, continuation of scientific researches on various aspects of malaria and also increase of knowledge among the local population about the early referral for medical care and application of measures of protection from stings of insects. It will allow immediately to reveal delivery  of malaria and presence of local transmission of infection, to undertake in time necessary measures and to carry out monitoring of the condition of the focuses of infection in real time.

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Keywords Malaria, epidemiological surveillance, certification, insects
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