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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-09-15
Title Association analysis of anti-inflammatory cytokine genes with the development of atopic allergic rhinitis
Author Vasila Alieva
Abstract Molecular analysis of occurrence frequencies of RANTES, TNF-a genetic markers among 44 allergic rhinitis patients was conducted. The frequency of “adverse allele” polymorphism TNF-a in observed general groups and in control group had basically no difference. However, during the comparative analysis, reliable association of RANTES genetic marker allele variants with the development of AR was discovered in general group. Besides, for the first time, intergenic interaction of polymorphous variant of cytokine genes “RANTES TNF-a” in determination of development risk of AR (OR=11.7, p<0.05) was established.
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Keywords Allergic rhinitis, gene, mutation, polymorphism, RANTES, TNF-a.
Pages 1-4
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