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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-09-15
Title Influence of glycorazmulin on the parameters of carbohydrate metabolism in alloxane diabetes
Author Ziyoda Fayzieva, Ziyovutdin Khakimov
Abstract There was studied effect of glycorazmulin on the morphological structure of the liver and pancreatic gland under the conditions of alloxane diabetes. The study found that that glycorazmulin eliminates pathomorphological changes that occur in alloxane diabetes in the liver and pancreatic gland, and stimulates reparative processes in these organs. The effect of this preparation is mainly directed to stimulation of the regeneration of β-cells. The elimination of histostructural changes resulted in compensation of the damaged metabolic processes in diabetes mellitus. Besides, marked increase in C-peptide in the blood is the confirmation of the insulin secretion stimulation under the effect of this preparation.
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Keywords Glycorazmulin, alloxane diabetes, liver, pancreatic gland, islets of Langerhans.
Pages 5-8
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