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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-09-15
Title Regulation of homeostasis in the process of protein absorption from small intestine to blood
Author Gulnara Islamova, Aziza Nishanova, Margarita Tarinova, Mukaddas Rahmatova, Akmal Yuldashev
Abstract Electron microscopic and immunоfluorescent study in rats aged 1 and 3 days after birth allowed to establish a process of absorption of protein from the small intestine into the lymph and blood. Blood homeostasis was provided by the proteins filtrated from glomerular capillaries of nephrons and reabsorbed by the epithelial cells in canaliculi of nephrons. The absorbed natural heterologous protein was depleted by lysosomes of epithelial cells of intestine and kidneys and macrophages. It supported not only blood homeostasis but also prevented loss of protein by an organism, formed sites for its digestion in the organism.
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Keywords Small intestine, kidney, protein, absorption, reabsorption, homeostasis
Pages 9-13
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