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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-09-15
Title Up-to-date surgical tactics in echinococcosis of the lungs
Author Zafar Murtazaev, Sobirjon Mamarajabov, Bakhodir Sabirov, Olmos Elbabaev

The paper provides analysis of surgical treatment of 132 patients with echinococcosis or hydatid disease (86 patients with uncomplicated and 46 with complicated echinococcosis) of the lungs. It was possible to perform echinococcectomy of the lungs through mini-invasive approaches in more than 2/3 patients and employment of endovisual technology made it possible to shorten the number of postoperative complications from 35.71 % to 4% and the terms of treatment from 14.2 to 6.4 days.

In our opinion, echinococcectomy of the lungs through mini-invasive approach requires further technical improvement. It is easier and more effective to perform echinococcectomy through minithoracotomy approach. At the same time it should be acknowledged that echinococcectomy via thoracotomy approach is more often recommended in recurrent echinococcosis of the thoracic cavity and sometimes in complicated course of the disease. Simultaneous operations using mini-approaches in bilateral echinococcosis of the lungs or in combination with the liver are the operations of the choice and can be performed in patients with good functional indexes of the cardiovascular and the respiratory systems.

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Keywords Echinococcosis of the lung, echinococcectomy of the lung, minimal invasive surgery of lung echinococcosis.
Pages 42-46
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