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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-09-15
Title The profession “medical informatician”
Author Jivka Vinarova, Polina Mihova
Abstract The main idea of this paper is to prove the significance of medical informatician as an expert in the filed of medicine and healthcare. We present four types of qualifications, with their specific competencies. The core objective is to define the necessity of such experts as medical informaticians on the one hand, and on the other – to establish the required minimum of skills, that such interdisciplinary expert should posses. The method of approach is detailed presentation of each participant in the team through specific skills, competencies, types of information that they use, knowledge and professional culture. The last parameter is so called Novelty, where are clearly defined the new required skills.
Vinarova. J., Mihova, P., 2009. “Medical Informatics,” NBU, Sofia

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Vinarova, J., Vukov, M., 2005. Telemedicine Textbook, NBU, Sofia 

Keywords Medical informatics, eHealth, telemedicine.
Pages 67-71
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