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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title Genetic aspects of endothelium dysfunction in Uzbek hypertensive patients
Author Gulnoza Khamidullaeva, Amayak Kevorkov, Marietta Eliseyeva
Abstract The objective of the study was to evaluate the prevalence of ACE/ID, AGT/M235T, AT1R/A1166C, CYP11B2/C344T, B2ВKR/ 9-9, ecNOS/4a4b, GNB3/C825T, and ARB2/Gln27Glu gene polymorphisms and their association with endothelium dysfunction (ED) in Uzbek hypertensive patients. The study found an association between ED and AGT M235T gene polymorphism. Genetic models disclosed that the T-allele, MT-, and TT-genotypes of the AGT gene were associated with an increased risk of ED. However, multivariate logistic regression analysis confirmed the negative association between the MM genotype of the AGT gene and positive association between IMT and ED. An association between essential hypertension (EH) in Uzbek males with ACE/ID and GNB3/C825T gene polymorphisms has been demonstrated. There is an association of AGT/ M235T gene polymorphism and ED in Uzbek hypertensive patients.
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Keywords Essential hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, gene polymorphisms
Pages 30-36
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