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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title Advantages of videothoracoscopic echinococcectomy of lungs in children
Author Shavkat Salimov, Bobir Abdusamatov, Hojiakbar Usmanov, Alisher Vakhidov
Abstract The paper describes results of videothoracoscopic echinococcectomy of lungs in 45 children aged from 1 to 15 years. Pulmonary echinococcectomy of lungs in 37 (82.2%) cases was accomplished only through thoracic access. In 8 (17.8%) children it was implemented using video-assisted thoracoscopic echinococcectomy - combination of thoracic access and mini-thoracotomy length less than 5cm. No complications were fixed. Children were discharged in satisfactory state on 6th-7th day after operation.
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Keywords Videothoracoscopic echinococcectomy, children, surgery, echinococcus disease, thoracoscopy.
Pages 39-43
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