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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title Perfusion pulmonoscintigraphy in diagnostic of broncho-pulmonary paecilomycosis
Author Abdusalom Ashurov, Rohila Jabbarova
Abstract 74 patients with broncho-pulmonary paecilomycosis were observed for the indexes of pulmonoscintigraphy. According to the clinical manifestations of the disease all investigated patients were divided into two groups: 1st group - 25 people with predominance of the clinical signs of bronchial asthma (5 people with chronic obstructive bronchitis, 20 people with bronchial asthma) and 2nd group - 54 people with predominance of the clinical signs of inflammation process of the lungs' parenchyma and interstitial tissue (38 patients with pneumonia, 16 patients with exogenous-allergic alveolitis). The results of radionuclide investigation showed that scintigraphic pictures of the investigated people of the 1st and 2nd groups were significantly differed from the lungs' picture of the patients from the control group. During visual evaluation of the scintigrams the areas of disorders of pulmonary circulation were presented by defects of different degree. Also, they had uneven decreasing of the distribution of the radiopharmaceutical drug in the injured areas, most often in the middle and lower areas of the lungs, sometimes along the whole lung areas. Density of radiopharmaceutical distribution in these areas was decreased in comparison with the adjoining lung tissue. The functional area of parenchyma and the form of the organ were not changed.
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Keywords Pulmonoscintigraphy, radiopharmaceutical drug, broncho-pulmonary paecilomycosis
Pages 44-50
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