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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title Bacteriological investigation and method of antigen connected lymphocytes (ACL) in determination of the etiological structure of sepsis in children at the early age
Author Dilfuza Rabbimova
Abstract Bacteriological investigation allowed identifying the etiological factor of sepsis in the blood of children at the early age only in 33.3% of cases; in other clinical material - in 48.3% of cases. Staphylococcus was the dominated microflora in the development of sepsis. In other clinical material Staphylococcus as leading etiological factor competed with gram-negative flora. Given the difficulty of determining, using bacteriological method, the etiologic factor in infant patients with sepsis, especially in its septicemic form, there is a need to find the most informative, less time-consuming diagnostic methods. We have used the indirect diagnostic method by considering the presence in the blood of antigen-connected lymphocytes (ACL) which react with the bacteria antigens - causative agents of the disease. The ACL method showed that gram-negative bacteria performs as a dominated microflora.
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Keywords Hemoculture, antigen-connected lymphocytes, bacteriological investigation, sepsis
Pages 51-53
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