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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title The experience of using glycerin during processing of larval cyst cavity
Author Jamshed Shamsiev
Abstract The paper intends to determine what effect the hot glycerol has on the structure of the germinal cells and chitin shell as a whole; define how hot glycerin impacts the fibrous capsule and adjoining tissue. We made morphological study of excretory capsules and protoscoleces under influence of glycerin, which both had a room temperature and heated to a temperature of 600. Processing of larval cyst cavity by hot glycerin provides full destruction of chitin membrane: it shows how deep glycerin penetrates structures of fibrous capsule and delivers antiparasitic effect. Even using glycerin having room temperature leads to significant changes in structure of excretory capsules of protoscoleces. Morphological investigations showed that glycerin
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Keywords Germinal elements of echinococcus, larval cyst, glycerin, antiparasitic effect, recurrence
Pages 54-59
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