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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title Differentiated surgical tactics in patients with colic polyps and polyposis
Author Dilshod Sapaev, Sarimbek Navruzov, Shukur Mamatkulov, Sharafat Sapaeva
Abstract Choice of tactics and method of surgical treatment in colic polyps and polyposis (CPP) remains the issue of the day. Surgical tactics has to be differentiated and individual, depending on the character of the disease and the level of involvement of colon. Timely diagnostic and prognosis of course of CPP is a prerequisite for development and choosing the most effective differentiated surgical tactics. In 102 patients, there were applied newly developed methods of complex diagnostics and differentiated surgical tactics developed by us. Differentiated surgical tactics should be applied using both endoscopic and radical operations, taking into account the extent and character of involvement, as well as the risk of malignization. Application of the developed algorithm of differentiated surgical tactics allows significant improving the treatment outcomes. Particularly this approach helps to increase several times the recovery rate and reduce the rate of relapses.
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Keywords Colic polyps and polyposis, risk of malignization
Pages 60-67
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