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Volume 4
Issue 4
Online publication date 2010-12-10
Title Morphofunctional changes in the brain blood loss on the background of alcohol intoxication
Author Said Indiaminov
Abstract The application of histological and morphometric methods allowed to determine significant changes of brain structures in people who died from traumatic hemorrhage in the condition of alcohol intoxication of mild and moderate degree. A marked spasm of large pial arteries has been revealed. Dystonia with a predominance of spasms is typical for intracerebral arteries, and dilatation for the veins. Spasm of the arteries leads to a significant increase in perivascular spaces. The density of glial component in the gray substance of the brain is sharply reduced, and in the white substance it does not change significantly. The total area of the microcirculatory bloodstream vessels reduces significantly. Marked changes in the structure of neurons suggest that these disorders are caused not only by anemia, dissociation of vessels with neuroglia, but by direct influence of ethanol on nerve cells as well.
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Keywords Brain, alcoholemia
Pages 113-116
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