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Volume 5
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-03-01
Title The status of immune and vegetative nerve system in children at the early age with sepsis
Author Dilfuza Rabbimova
Abstract The study explores features of the immune status and justifies the role of the autonomic nervous system in the pathogenesis of sepsis in infants. We observed 172 children in early age; the study group included 135 children with sepsis (septicemic and septicopyemic types). Compared group comprised 37 patients with local types of infection (uncomplicated pneumonias, pyelonephritis, pseudofurunculosis, and others); and control group included 20 healthy children. Significant violations of adaptive-compensatory features with deep disturbances in the regulatory system were revealed in septic patients. Changes in the indexes of cardiointervalography such as decreasing of the mode (MO), increasing of the mode amplitude (AMO) and significant increasing of the tension index (TI) testified on increasing of sympathetic-adrenergic effects.
Abraham, Е., Matthay, M., Dinarello, C. et al., 2000. “Consensus conference definitions for sepsis, septic shock, acute lung injury, and acute respiratory distress syndrome: Time for a reevaluation,” Crit. Care Med., Vol.28, pp.232-235

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Keywords Children, sepsis, immunity, vegetative nerve system
Pages 7-9
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