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Volume 5
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-03-01
Title Complex radiodiagnosis and surgical treatment of the patients with thrombosis of inferior vena cava system
Author Shukhrat Muminov, Natalya Dadamyantc, Sherali Abdullaev, Abror Yuldoshev, Amet Seydaliev, Farruh Djalalov
Abstract Despite of much effort, taken to improve diagnosis technologies, examination and development of the tactics for treatment of patients with acute inferior vena cava (IVC) thrombosis remain to be insufficiently understood. In period from 2003 there were examined and treated 572 patients with thrombosis of the IVC system. Thrombectomy was conducted in 62 (39.7%) cases, only clipping or placation without thrombectomy was made in 94(60.3%) of cases. After operation all patients showed regress of LEDVT clinical symptoms. In the postoperative period there were no PATE events. All patients were discharged from hospital in satisfactory condition. On the basis of this clinical material we may suggest that choice of the technique of PATE surgical prophylaxis depends on the character and spreading of thrombus, functional-anatomic peculiarities of the IVC system.
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Keywords Acute venous thrombosis, inferior vena cava (IVC), thromboembolia of the pulmonary artery (PATE)
Pages 57-63
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