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Volume 5
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-03-01
Title The experience of surgical treatment of patients with pulmonary extensively resistant tuberculosis
Author Kulakhmet Yerimbetov, Tleukhan Abildaev, Arike Alenova, Askar Zetov
Abstract Analysis of outcomes in 59 patients treated from extensively resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB) with anti-TB drugs of the reserve line was conducted. Implementation of surgical methods of treatment allowed to obtain the sputum smear conversion in 65.5% of cases;  while conventional therapy, without surgical intervention, provided conversion only in 36.7% (P<0.05). Priority in surgery at the total drug resistance should be given to the collapse surgery.  Surgical treatment of XDR TB should be implemented by strict indications. Choice of the volume of surgical operation and approach should be done taking into account the clinical and laboratory data, expansion of the lung tissue injury and degree of M. tuberculosis drug resistance.
Iseman, M., 2000. “Clinical tuberculosis. A clinician guide to tuberculosis,” Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Rakishev, G., Baimukhanova, K., Belinskaya, G., Lavrentieva, V., 2002. “Summaries of anti-TB Service activity in RK,”Collection book “The topical questions of phthisiatry” [Sbornik nauchnih trudov  “Aktualnie voprosi ftiziatrii”], in Russian, pp.29-30

Keywords XDR TB, surgical treatment
Pages 84-87
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