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Volume 5
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-03-01
Title Principles of diagnostic and treatment of echinococcosis in children
Author Jamshed Shamsiev
Abstract 431 patients (55.5% boys and 44.5% girls) with echinococcosis of the different localization at the age from 1 to 16 years old were under our observation and treatment. Children under the school age (82%) most often suffered from this disease. Echinococcosis of the lungs was determined in 173 patients (40.2%), echinococcosis of the liver - in 192 patients (44.5%), combined echinococcosis - in 54 patients (12.5%), and echinococcosis of the rare localizations was found in 12 patients (2,8%). Combination of echinococcosis of the liver and the lung was met in 48 cases (88.9%) of combined echinococcosis, in 4 (4.7%) patients it was observed echinococcosis of the liver and both lungs. During the investigation we used the complex of methods including clinical, roentgenological, ultrasound, laboratory and immunological investigations. Basically, in echinococcosis of the lungs it was used the wide lateral thoracothomy in the fifth-sixth intercostal spaces depending on the localization of the cysts
Keywords Echinococcosis of the lungs, reaction of the antigen-connected lymphocytes, echinococcectomy
Pages 88-90
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