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Volume 5
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-03-01
Title Microbe landscape and biological properties of microorganisms revealed from urine of the patients with the uncomplicated infections of urine tract
Author Rustam Khudoyberganov, Nekkadam Nuraliyev
Abstract The study considers microbe landscape and basic microbiological characteristics of the revealed infectious agents in acute and chronic uncomplicated infections of the urological tract (UTUI). The E.coli species seem to be prevailed (66.3%) as etiological agent of the uncomplicated infections of urinary tract. The microorganisms of this kind were defined in monoculture in 78% of cases and in associations with the other microorganisms in 22%. The distinctions in frequency of isolation of E.coli strains, urine specie (Ur E.coli) and fecal specie (Kol E.coli), having only mannose-resistant hemagglutinins, and also combination of manno-resistant and mannose-sensitive hemagglutinins. Presence of only mannose-sensitive hemagglutinins with identical frequency were registered in the cultures E.coli, isolated from the urine of the patients with acute and chronic pyelonephritis and from feces of the healthy people.
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Keywords Microflora, urological tract, biological properties, mannose-resistant and mannose-sensitive hemagglutinins
Pages 93-98
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