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Volume 5
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-03-01
Title Comparative bioequivalence study of meloxicam drugs
Author Ekut Karieva, Khаlida Yunusova
Abstract The governments of many countries strongly support the production and clinical use of generic medicinal products which are “copies” of patented drugs and can be marked at lower cost. At present time bioequivalence testing is regarded as a useful methodology to perform comparisons among different products containing the same active ingredient. This report presents the results of comparative bioequivalence study of three meloxicam formulations: brand-drug “Melbek” with tablets and capsules of meloxicam developed at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute. The results obtained confirm the bioequivalence of the studied drugs, which indicate about scientifically based approach to the selection of excipients and technological process in the development of the above generic drugs.
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Keywords Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, meloxicam, Dissolution test, bioequivalence
Pages 112-114
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