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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title The analysis of the genetic structure of the Kazakh population as estimated from mitochondrial DNA polymorphism
Author Galina Berezina, Gulnara Svyatova, Zhanar Makhmutova
Abstract The study polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA carried out in population of Kazakhs (N=304). The analysis shows that Western Europe (55%) and Eastern Europe (41%) mtDNA lineages exist in the Kazakhs population. A high genetic diversity was observed in the Kazakhs population (h=0.996). Nei’s genetic distances using mtDNA haplogroups frequencies are calculated and the situation of the Kazakhs among other peoples is determined. The paper offers analysis of the genetic structure of the Kazakh population using data of the frequencies of mtDNA haplogroups. It is noted a high degree of intensity of gene exchange between the Kazakh population and frontier populations of Russia on the North-West, North, Northeast and East of Kazakhstan
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Keywords Mitochondrial DNA, polymorphism, genetic structure
Pages 2-6
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