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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Some immunological changes in inbred children with frequent illness
Author Shaanvar Shamansurov, Durdona Gulaymova, Nodira Abdushukurova, Nariman Gulyamov, Khalida Akhmedova
Abstract The parameters of cellular immunity were studied in 17 children before and one month after treatment. The analysis of parameters of the cellular immunity (CD3 , CD20 , CD4 and CD8 regulatory subpopulations of Т-lymphocytes) showed that they are within the limits of the standard norms both in the group of healthy children from inbreeding marriage and in group of relatively healthy ones from non-inbreeding marriage. However, in the sick children from inbreeding marriage the diseases induced more profound immune deficiency; and the consequence of that is less expressed effect from performed specific neurological treatment in these patients.
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Gulamov, N., Akhmedova, Kh., Dalimov, T., Imamova, I., Yuldasheva, F., 2005. “Diagnostic significance of antigen-binding lymphocyte parameters in the estimation of organ impairment in infectious and non infectious pathology,” Infection, Immunity and Farmacology [Jurnal Infeccia, immunitet i farmakologia], in Russian, No.3, pp.115-18 

Gulamov, N., Akhmedova, M, Akhmedova, Kh., Mirzaeva, U., 2002. “Variants and clinical estimation of secondary immune deficits in intestinal,” Bulletin of Practioning Doctor [Bulletin Practicheskogo Vracha), in Russian, Samarkand, No.2, pp.22-24
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Keywords Inbreeding, immunological changes, antigen-binding lymphocytes
Pages 12-16
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