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Volume 6
Issue 2
Online publication date 2011-04-04
Title Dopplerographic characteristic of extra-and-intracranial hemodynamics of the acute cerebral infarction
Author Sherzod Duschanov
Abstract The paper studies the characteristics of cerebral hemodynamic in patients with acute ischemic stroke using ultrasound diagnostics (dopplerography). It is shown that cerebral atherosclerotic genesis in patients occurs with the dominated diffuse decrease of cerebral hemodynamics and increased rigidity and vascular tone in carotid and extracranial vessels. Significant predominance of cerebral vessels occlusion, with appearances of average angiospasm and asymmetric blood flown in intracranial cerebral vessels, was found among patients with hypertension genesis.
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Keywords Extra-and-intracranial hemodynamics, acute stroke, dopplerographic characteristics
Pages 23-28
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